Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Is Where The Hatred Is

We now live in a post racial America. And by post racial I do mean that the level of “race relations” have traveled from the insanely ignorant and overt, past the inane and uncomfort of the post-civil rights era, through the in you face lets confront this ‘70s sit-com era, and finally to the insanely ignorant and overt. We used to fear that if we had a Black president someone would assassinate him, but we never pictured this. These right-wingers are as nutty as a fruitcake, as my grandmother used to put it, but what’s even more bizarre is that these fools are spewing there nonsense with straight faces and complete conviction. Beyond that are their followers, who seem to be nowhere near as educated as these pundits claim to be, but who are swallowing what they are serving like it’s the straight, refreshing gospel. They’ll cop to this being about race, but this can’t call it politics either. There is going come a time soon when some on Fox News will use the N-word, it is just a matter of time. It may not be a pundit, but it will happen, and it will be directed towards the president. This is why I believe the president should not have made the call or had the “beer summit.” They are trying to push him like they do all Democratic presidents and they know the N-word is their ultimate weapon of last resort. I don’t know maybe it will be a pundit, maybe someone will be ordered to fall on their sword, but it will happen. But the sad-ass-truth is, nothing will happen and all will be forgiven, apologies will be made, meetings will be held, and in a few short months all will be forgotten. Imus who???

There will be no terrorist banging on this country’s borders with bombs or planes, this place will surely implode on itself… from the inside. And it will be the very people who are telling the ignorant “they’re coming to get you” who will ignite the fuse and those ignorant listeners and followers who are now strapping on the bombs of discontent will be the very instruments of their own and everyone else’s destruction.

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