Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Death to America… a slow, agonizing, fried pork induced artery clogged death!

Only in America can you have a recession (depression or repression – your pick) with a majority of the world starving no less, will you have foolish people wasting food with a silly-ass “let’s see what’s the most outrageous food combination we can fry” mentality. While some may find this cute, funny, or whatever it really points to the cavalier attitude many have in this country in terms of the severity of what’s going on with the economy, government policies on health care, the environment, and education, or in our individual communities. But then again, it’s only food, and its all in fun. So while some of us(?) choose to use TV as an instruction manual (see Taco Town Taco) I guess I’ll keep taking pop shots at the fatties sitting at the 5¢ slot machines in A.C., and why not, they’re easy targets. And you wonder why the Prez took they Single-Payer Healthcare off the national healthcare bargaining table. Hmmm. Eat up, 'cause this is truly why your fat!

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My Annual Post

Yeah so I guess I'm gonna give this blog thing another shot... maybe, we'll see. Its kinda stupid, I mean who cares what I think (or what anyone thinks for that matter). Besides, who has time to read and write this crap with facebook taking up everyone's precious time.

10 tips for giving up Facebook during Lent

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